November 25, 2020

Apple stopped developing image sensors using quantum dot technology because it was too expensive

Apple once ordered the British company Nanoco Technology to research and develop image sensors using quantum dots in 2018. However, Apple recently decided to stop this project because of the cost of producing this sensor. Expensive, not suitable for inclusion in commercial products at this time. After the aforementioned information was released, Nanoco’s share price was reduced by 80%. Last year, the Apple-Nanoco contract was said to be worth $ 21.7 million, accounting for more than 50% of the company’s revenue for the year.

The image sensor uses quantum dot technology to produce images with more accurate colors, similar to how quantum panel LCD TVs can help color display more accurately. You can learn more about quantum dot technology here: Quantum dot – an interesting technology that helps bring LCD TVs closer to OLED.

And since there is no quantum dot technology, Apple will have to continue using traditional image sensor technology, or they will have to embark on a new project with another partner.

Binance spoke with Facebook about the plan to list Libra coin

Binance will list Libra coin. Where is the listed Libra coin?
Libra coin, Facebook’s first virtual currency has caused a fever with the financial world as well as global investment over time. Libra’s next plan will be to list on the exchanges. The first name mentioned again is the big Binance.

Let’s learn about Libra coin:
Facebook announced the whitepaper of Libra coin
Facebook issues cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is in talks with Facebook about joining the social networking giant Libra project.

Finance Magnates said it spoke with Binance at the FinTech Junction event in Israel on Thursday, with CSO exchange, Gin Chao, saying that early discussions took place with Facebook about possible Libra listing. coin in the future.

Chao said that Libra will initially be on a private blockchain, so it has gained liquidity that needs external liquidity. However, Facebook may eventually look forward to a secondary market, he added:

“The money will benefit from a secondary market, so it will be in their best interest when it is listed.”

In another report from CryptoPotato, also exchanging with Chao at the Tel Aviv event, he also suggested that Binance could support the Libra blockchain by acting as a node that is authorized to authenticate transactions.

Facebook has said it will eventually have 100 buttons and has named companies like Visa, Uber, eBay and Lyft that have pledged to this role (with a total value of about $ 10 million each). Chao said that Binance is definitely considering options, although a final decision has not been made yet. In general about the Libra project, published in mid-June, he said:

“That is a good thing, for sure. Whenever a company of Facebook’s weight, size, resources, and impact is involved, it will validate both blockchain and cryptocurrency. Anyway, it is not certain whether Libra will succeed or not but it will certainly be something good. ”

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