January 21, 2021

AWS and Nvidia team up to bring AI to UK kids

AWS and Nvidia team up to bring AI to UK kids

The initiative will be led by a computing master teacher and will help children build a neural network

A consortium of tech companies including AWS, Nvidia and Scan Computers is setting out to introduce children to the concept of AI technologies.

The firms have teamed up with Beverly Clarke, a Computing At School (CAS) Master Teacher, to help Year 9 pupils learn about the terminology used in the world of AI. It will also seek to help children understand how AI is being used in the real world, with guidance to help them create their own image recognition neural network.

“AI is already part of our everyday lives, and by the time today’s 13-year-olds are entering the workforce, it will have a significant impact on the kinds of jobs available to them,” Clarke said.

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“The World Economic Forum estimates that, by 2025, 90 percent of jobs will require digital skills, and that 65 percent of children entering primary school today will work in jobs that don’t currently exist. It’s critical that we introduce pupils to core AI concepts so they’re equipped to thrive in this environment.”

The programme has been developed to adhere with the Key Stage 3 requirements, with lesson plans, worksheets and activities to help teachers educate their pupils.

“Education underpins our ability to embrace and exploit the promise of AI,” said James McClung, Higher Education and Research Business Development Manager at Nvidia. “Young people’s lives will be infused with AI, from their homes and transportation to the workplace. They need to understand this technology so they can think critically about it and consider what career options it might open up for them.”

The programme will initially be tested in six schools and if the pilot is successful, secondary schools across the country will be able to sign up to it.