November 25, 2020

AWS moved Amazon EKS to Kubernetes’ common software

AWS moved Amazon EKS to Kubernetes’ common software

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon EKS and is always available to serve at any time, its managed Kubernetes service – bringing it with its rivals Microsoft and Google grow stronger in this area.

EKS, was unveiled at AWS once again: Invented back in November, currently active in the Eastern United States and the United States, with further expansion of its scale taking place ‘very soon “, according to the company.


This move puts AWS together with Microsoft and Google in terms of Kubernetes management. Of course, because Google originally designed interconnected systems such as containers, there was no basis to guess that the second solution had many different solutions and the same efficiency in the work processes. Microsoft announced the AKS (Azure Container Services) in October last year as a managed service and built on a technology change through standardization with the expectation of satisfying business conditions from Simplicity is the most complex and can bring the most positive effects in the work process.

“Prior to Amazon EKS, customers had to make a significant amount of work for the architect in a highly fault-tolerant way to operate Kubernetes, or simply accept the lack of resilience in their work processes “. Says Deepak Singh, director of AWS Compute. In addition, he added, “With the launch of Amazon EKS, customers no longer have to live with one of these deals that have been upgraded to a certain higher level, and they receive a service. Kubernetes are highly resistant to faults and deliver remarkable performance.Many of our customers are very happy with what they receive. “

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However, moving EKS to common availability does not mean AWS is fighting for customers in the meantime to solve problems they do not deserve.A total of 25 companies were registered as EKS applicators in the press materials. One, GoDaddy, will familiarize readers with this publication to advertise the latest features. The company specifically cited positive concerns for applications that were classified and put into operation on AWS in March in the hope of bringing the most positive impact to both parties.

Other companies confirmed as customers include Verizon – another person last month revealed AWS as their favorite public cloud service provider – Snap and Pearson. Chris Jackson, director of cloud computing at Pearson, said in a statement that the move to Amazon EKS secured his team with specific conditions to bring certain effects. He added: “It was built as a startup company, though it was a joint venture as a large and influential business in the market.”

In some ways, the move can not come sooner. Amazon EC2 and ECS continue to be the leading container deployments in the field, with 69% of respondents surveying in the most objective way in the Google GCE / GKE citation (39%), according to data compiled. All are announced by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Azure (23%). The CNCF, acting as a guardian for Kubernetes, ‘graduated’ technology in March with hopes set. Sarah Conway, senior director of PR services at CNCF, said at the time that Kubernetes signaled it was “mature enough and patient enough to handle containers on a scale across all industries of all sizes scale from medium to small”.