September 26, 2020

Benefits Of Cloud Computing : And Why You Should Move To Cloud?

Cloud computing is a network of virtual servers which provides computing through the internet and enables a user to have access to the data with ease of operation, efficiently and effectively. Cloud Computing is an emerging technology and a high point of discussion nowadays. The industry is now inclined towards this new tool and making a shift towards it because of the numerous benefits of cloud computing over the conventional methods.

The reduced complexity, increased efficiency, scalability, optimization of the cost incurred and other benefits of cloud computing make it favourable over the existing practices:

The benefits of cloud computing comprise of a long attractive list, and some of them have been discussed below.


1. The flexibility of cost to be incurred :

Among all benefits of cloud computing, the first one is that it provides flexibility in operational cost to be incurred in comparison with the conventional methods. One has just to configure and pay based on the system uses only. Presently four cloud computing services are available:

1. IAAS (infrastructure as a service): Service provider provides the hardware only.

2. PAAS (platform as a service):  Infrastructure and platforms provided by cloud service provider.

3. SAAS (software as a service): Cloud service provider provides the infrastructure, platform as well as the application software.

4. FAAS (functions as a service): It has an extra layer of abstraction to PAAS so that the developer is completely insulated from everything in the stack below their code.


2. Cloud computing is a Cost efficient Technology

Earlier computer rooms used to have big Servers with significant establishment cost. One of the benefits of cloud computing is that it requires less establishment cost then a regular local server and no external hardware and utilities are needed. We just need internet and a computer to access the data on the cloud; also most of the cloud services offer a mobile app so that you can manage your cloud data on your mobile phone.


3. The Cloud provides a Virtual and Multi-Tenancy Environment

In cloud computing, we hire servers from the internet and the cloud service offering companies rent out virtual servers on which we can use different operating systems and run various applications. Hypervisors develop these virtual servers. A cloud service provider can have many clients, and each of them can have their virtual servers and data of all these clients are stored in large cloud storage area network which comprises of various small storage units.


4. The cloud computing provides scalability feature:

Cloud-based services are Fantastic for businesses with seasonal or fluctuating bandwidth demands, In case your preferences increase it’s easy to scale your cloud capacity likewise if you need to scale down again, and the customer himself can easily handle this scalability, this is also called as elasticity.This elasticity feature is one of the benefits of cloud computing which gives it an extra edge over physical server systems.


5. Cloud computing includes automatic software updates


The cloud service providers take care of regular software updates including security updates and adding new features and functionalities. So that you don’t have to waste your time in maintaining the system and no hardware up gradation is needed for the updated software, and the latest versions of the applications required to run the business are available to all customers as soon as they’re released.


6. With cloud computing, we can work from anywhere anytime


 If you have got an internet connection, you can be at work on a cloud from anywhere anytime with any device. This is among the most significant benefits of cloud computing. The connectivity is always on, and as long as employe have an Internet connection, they can get to the applications they need from literally anywhere. Some applications provide offline access also on which clients can work without having internet access this flexible environment is one of the key benefits of cloud computing.


7. Cloud provides robust security and recovery

The data stored in hard drives can get lost, or even our laptop or mobile can get stolen which may have sensitive data inside it. Cloud computing gives you a robust security option here as the data is stored on internet virtual servers; you can access it anytime no matters what happens to your machine. 


8. Cloud computing increases collaboration efficiency

When everything is stored on the internet, a dispersed group of people can meet virtually and can easily share documents and work together more efficiently. Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps help them make updates in real time and gives them full visibility of their collaborations. This is also among various auspicious benefits of cloud computing.


9. The cloud computing offers almost unlimited virtual storage:

Among various benefits of cloud computing unlimited cloud storage is the most providential. Cloud-based networking servers have no restrictions on data storage capacity, storing information in the cloud gives you almost unlimited storage capacity.


10. The cloud computing gives direct software delivery from internet

 In traditional server systems the client has to download or buy software and then run applications on it, but in cloud computing, all software can be directly accessed on the browser through the internet. The cloud computing is a developing technology, and in coming years we will surely come across with more benefits of cloud computing.


In addition to all the above benefits of cloud computing boasts several cloud computing advantages for businesses of all sizes and end users like data migration flexibility in which specific workload can be moved to different cloud platform very quickly. Cloud computing decreases the energy consumption as no air-conditioned rooms need to maintained for residing servers and it also reduces the amount of time and effort that an IT staff spends in deploying, managing and maintaining infrastructure. Some fantastic stats which shows the growing demand for cloud due to the importance of cloud computing are as follows:


• 94 percent of supervisor say their business safety has enhanced after adopting cloud applications.

• 64% of companies have reduced waste and lower energy consumption after shifting to the cloud.

• 47% of companies said that they witness lower operating costs after cloud adoption.

With all benefits of cloud computing, it is growing at such a pace that it is becoming the new normal in businesses and enterprises and is estimated that 90% of UK business would be using at least one cloud service by 2018