January 21, 2021

Cloud Computing Companies Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in 2020

Cloud Computing Companies: Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in 2020

Never had a better time to start putting the internet into operation for you. The power and ability of cloud computing is limitless. Cloud computing companies are emerging as a business trend now, and organizations of all sizes are pursuing this promising technology to deliver value, productivity, and unprecedented benefits compared to competitors.

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An important understanding of cloud services and cloud computing companies with what levels of support is imperative is when choosing the best cloud provider for enterprise growth friend.

There are many cloud computing companies offering different cloud delivery models in the same market. Here are the top 10 cloud companies in the cloud computing industry has a certain position :


• AWS is a company founded in 1996 by a team of Amazon cloud engineers in South Africa, which is the largest and oldest company in the cloud.

• AWS has the most popular tools and services and is also the most successful.It provides infrastructure services such as database storage, computing power, and a number of other services.

• It provides cloud services of IAAS and PAAS and for large public cloud services with very high support.

• Amazon Drive is considered one of the best cloud services for personal use.

2. Microsoft Cloud Azure

• This is another leading name in the cloud computing company that has Microsoft as its parent company; it supports many different operating systems, tools and frameworks.

• There are many cloud services provided by Microsoft such as OneDrive, Office360, Azure, they are available in cloud models and are available to assist you whenever you need it.

• Microsoft OneDrive is considered to be the most efficient cloud drive and reduces the cost to users.It provides users with 5 GB of free storage to try out and then there are various packages offered for the user to choose from to suit their work starting from the basic 50GB storage package with approx $ 2 a month.

• It provides cloud services of IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

• This is a Google-hosted cloud technology and is available in private, public and hybrid cloud models.

• It provides cloud computing services of IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.

• Google Cloud G Suite works best when you want to edit your files in real-time in a fast but effective way.

• It provides a wide range of products and services that cater to different user needs, including Compute Engine, Big Query, Cloud IAM, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud IoT, Cloud SQL, Cloud SDKs, and more.

4. IBM Cloud

• IBM Cloud provides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS by the cloud distribution models available with the best support.With the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform, a platform can combine cloud communications with one another to achieve high performance at work.

• IBM Cloud provides cloud and hybrid cloud with perfect combination for positive effects.

5. Rackspace


• Another prominent name among cloud computing companies uses compression and encryption techniques and provides low-cost file-level backups.

• Rackspace Cloud provides cloud-like, cloud-like cloud services, Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, Cloud Backup and Databases.

• It provides IAAS and PaaS services such as public or hybrid clouds with relatively high performance.

6. Oracle Cloud

• Oracle Cloud computing provides a cloud-based data environment as a leading cloud computing company.

• Oracle Cloud is supported as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

• Oracle Cloud helps companies increase flexibility, increase agility in business processes, and reduce the complexity of IT issues.

7. Red hat Cloud

•Red Hat is a well-known name among cloud computing companies for users who prefer open source and Linux systems.

Red Hat is an open cloud technology that uses state-of-the-art technology and is used to secure data with flexible solutions.

• It provides cloud computing services from IAAS and PAAS flexibly.

8. VMware Cloud

• It’s a new company and is growing to a new height to have a firmer footing in the cloud.It provides a global, cloud-based cloud service array that is authenticated to the physical, virtual, and cloud cloud environment.

• VMware is one of the best supported third-party applications, with a combination of private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

•It was created to deploy applications and users with vSphere.

• VMware vCloud Air provides a secure public cloud platform with very high levels of security and can prevent malicious intrusion.

9. Salesforce Cloud

• Salesforce is a well-known name in the cloud computing industry and recently acquired Heroku, the company that provides the ruby platform.

• It provides PAAS and SAAS cloud service with public and hybrid clouds.

• Salesforce Cloud Computing includes many powerful and efficient cloud services such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Cloud Marketing.

10. HPE Cloud

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides a cloud-based platform based on the OpenStack architecture.

• It provides private, public, and hybrid cloud, and it also provides some other cloud services.

• HPE Cloud follows the premise of converged infrastructure with closed storage.

• HPE is a new company in the cloud field but is growing and growing in IT.

Customers can choose any cloud service provider based on the needs and the best support for their work given above. However, there are also some issues to keep in mind while choosing the cloud computing company that best suits them:


• Go with AWS if you have a need to work everywhere.

• You can use GCP (Google Cloud Platform) if you have never used cloud computing.

• Select Azure if you are also using Microsoft as it will be better supported for compatibility with your Windows devices.

• Do not choose PAAS alone and choose specific combinations.

• Choose hybrid clouds if you have concerns about the choice between public and private clouds.