Cloud security The skill gap is delaying the cloud transition


Cloud security: The skill gap is delaying the cloud transition

Poor talent is worse than no talent, and too many businesses lack both skills and talent for cloud security.

A new report from McAfee highlights new advantages when it comes to security in the cloud. The report shows that one of four organizations that using infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or software as a service (SaaS) has overcome cyber-security threats and data security mine. In addition, one in five of all attacks are attacked by advanced attackers targeting their public cloud infrastructure.

Why? Because misrepresentation of cloud security in companies puts them at greater risk of data breaches, the impact on performance is far greater.In addition, that talent gap is delaying the transfer of business to cloud computing.

The problem is that even if you find people with good IT security skills, IT security skills are not a simple skill in cloud security.For example, the ability to handle Identity Access Management (IAM) on Amazon Web Services. Traditional IT security skills are important to the job they do.

The fact is that businesses have done a poor job of preparing space for talent for the cloud.Gaps in skills – not just in the integrity of the cloud but in the cloud, cloud and cloud tracking – are becoming a real barrier to cloud adoption of the business. As I have always said, technology is very easy, human problem is very difficult.

The obvious solution is to hire faster and better with an aggressive hiring and training plan along with the resources available. But before you do that, I recommend that you first analyze your current skills to see which skills need to be added to the cloud, what old issues need to be eliminated and other new technologies being requeted for things you have not already.

Also, understand that there is less talent than no talent at all. The violations I see are due to lack of understanding of security issues by users, not the lack of technology.Everything is configured incorrectly, updates are not applied or the wrong technology is selected. Indeed, you can track most violations in the past five years because of unwarranted reasons for lack of potential.

Do not repeat it with the cloud once again. Get people smart, skilled.


Building a mental network for children – AI technology.


The idea will be led by an IT teacher and will help to build a neural network for children. A consortium of high-tech companies including AWS, Nvidia and Scan Computers is introducing the concept of AI technology for the children to find out it clearly. It will also help children understand how AI is being used in the real world with guidance to help them create their own visual identity neural network in the AI environment.

The program has been developed to meet the requirements of Stage 3, with lesson plans, exercises and activities to help teachers educate their students.

“Education enhances the ability to capture and exploit the potential of children.” According to James McClung, director of business development and higher education at Nvidia, the lives of young people will be injected with drugs, from their homes and transported to the workplace. AI technology helps kids understand and orient their future and the way they are going and going. “They need to understand this technology so that they can think about it and look at the career choices they can make to open for them. ” This program will be tested at six schools and if successfully piloted, high schools across the country will be able to enroll in this program. This program is supposed to be positive effect


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