Google Cloud targets businesses with the acquisition of Velostrata


Google Cloud targets businesses with the acquisition of Velostrata

Google is set to acquire Velostrata 's cloud migration provider, citing Israel' s 'technical strength' as the key to the potential for their customers around data analysis. Advanced materials and machine learning.

Velostrata's primary goal is to accelerate the enterprise's cloud transition through what it calls 'real-time no-workflow' – in other words, separating computing from storage without the image to affect performance. Theoretically, workloads can move to the public cloud in minutes and do not experience too much difficulty in the migration process, whether moving the entire data center or working in an environment cloud hybrid.

The two companies that have worked together before, most recently, in April, Velostrata announced that they have been supporting the move to the Google Cloud Platform, which gives GCP customers up to five hours of server space on the move satisfaction for both parties when they are working.

In Google's view, it's still another sign of the company's strong cloud betting, with the scale and scope of its customers changing. The company's roadmap has long been highlighted by the upgrades, with CEO SundarPichai saying to analysts last month that Google's cloud arm has guaranteed growth sustainability with 'larger and higher strategic deals with long-term policies'. '

As organizations pay more and more for Google services – Spotify, which is set to spend 365 million euros on the Google Cloud for three years, as revealed by the post-IPO share sale – performance is the key, is the most important point of the process, such as Eyal Manor, VP Engineering, explained.

"As more and more businesses move to the cloud, many need a simple way to move from low to high positions and accept cloud usage at their own pace," wrote Manor in a blog posts."With Velostrata, Google Cloud customers have two important benefits: they will be able to quickly adapt their workload to the cloud and they can separate their calculations from memory without sacrificing performance.

"This means that they can easily and quickly move workloads as well as information transfer processes in virtual machines such as large databases, enterprise applications, DevOps and processors large batch to and from the cloud. "."On top of that, customers can control, automate and change the settings they desire where their data exists – either on the spot or in the cloud – in just a few clicks and anywhere. "

Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO of Velostrata and co-founder of a blog post confirming the news over the years, Google Cloud has made significant investments in building a full cloud infrastructure.Strong demand for industry-leading usability, reliability, and security for businesses in the workplace. "Google Cloud continues to innovate with enhanced computing and services platforms to meet the needs and fit the needs of today.We are proud to join forces and help pave the way for enterprise customers to switch blocks their most demanding work on the Google Cloud Platform. "

Speaking with this publication by the end of 2018, Ben-Shaul noted how businesses will increase their multi-cloud efforts for their workloads."Most businesses will move to the cloud on a large scale using a multi-cloud strategy," Ben-Shaul said. "More specifically, they will divide their production workloads across many small clouds and public clouds so things are done faster.

"Businesses do not want to be locked in," he added. "If a business can dramatically reduce its infrastructure costs, that means millions of dollars are saved a year for a number of other business operations."

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