Google Home speakers are detected to eavesdrop on users


Recently, Belgian media reported that users of Google Home speakers may be eavesdropping, through investigation of the media company continues to show evidence that Google has allowed employees to listen to orders and requests from the users via virtual assistants.

VRT NWS television channel (Belgium) said a Google partner said that the company is paid by Google to copy audio content that Google Assistant virtual assistant receives from users, including those Sensitive information like name, address and even details about their personal life …

It is worth mentioning that this information is sometimes randomly recorded by the Google Assistant, instead of only when the user uses this virtual assistant. Usually, voice assistants like Alexa (from Amazon) or Google Assistant are activated only when users have voice commands.

However, the VRT NWS source said that the Google Assistant on the Google Home smart speaker sometimes automatically records the content of a user’s conversation at random without their knowledge. reveal personal and sensitive information.

According to a VRT NWS investigation, the channel reviewed 1,000 Google Assistant recordings, mostly in Dutch and Belgian, 153 of which were accidentally recorded. A source from the VRT NWS said that they averaged 1,000 copies of recordings from Google Assistant, including quarrels and discussions.

Google has acknowledged a small number of anonymous sound recordings have been copied by its experts, rather than being processed solely by machines.

Google says that only 0.2% of the user’s queries are heard by language experts and the data is completely anonymous. The company is currently investigating the case and ensuring that no audio data recorded from users will be leaked in the future.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Amazon was also eavesdropping and recording some user conversations through the virtual assistant Alexa built into the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Amazon later confirmed this and said it recorded a small number of user queries to help improve the responsiveness of artificial intelligence.

Why should you choose INOX MINH QUAN design industry for you

Operating with the criteria of ensuring punctual service, making the cooking process easier and making the cooking area more luxurious, contributing to attracting customers to enjoy more is The advantages that make the design of Inox Minh Quan restaurant kitchen are not only pleasing to domestic partners but also the fastidious units in foreign countries also appreciate the quality of products as well as the creative work in the field. kitchen kitchen design.

Accordingly, the design of the beautiful hotel and restaurant kitchen of Inox Minh Quan is widely sought and trusted by our partners thanks to the fact that we have met correctly and fully 3 professional standards that the kitchen kitchen design professionals. goods in the world regularly to mention:


Each restaurant has a specific layout and design of the kitchen. However, basically, the design of the restaurant kitchen must still ensure a good balance between the cooking area and the dining area of ​​the guests and meet the general principles of ventilation, clean, no traffic congestion. go. Every 100 seats will need at least 50m2 kitchen. Typically, restaurant kitchens include the following areas:

– Cooking and processing area: Need equipment for industrial rice cookers, Asian industrial cookers, industrial cookers, fryers, industrial electric cookers, …
– Food storage area: Freezer equipment, freezer or cold storage design for food storage, stainless steel trolleys for transferring food.
– Food preparation area: Equipment of stainless steel shelves, concrete trays, cutting boards, knives, bone saws, 2-hole or 3-hole washbasin, dustbin
– Mixing and serving area for drinks: Need juicer equipment, cocktail preparation, smoothie, wine storage cabinets …
– Dish washing area: Including washbasin, spray nozzle equipment, etc.
– Bowls, plates, and chopsticks: Industrial cupboards are needed

When designing a restaurant kitchen, architects need to aim for the convenience of the chef’s hands to be able to arrange the area for the most convenient kitchen equipment and devices for the user. Each restaurant stands out with one or a few specialties, so the processing equipment needs to ensure adequate to create the most favorable conditions for the chef to process them.


Preserving food before and after processing is the key to the success of the restaurant business. The delicious food, retaining the original flavor always catches the hearts of every customer when coming to enjoy the cuisine at your restaurant. So in order to preserve and process food properly in addition to the equipment we need to know some of the following important standards:

– Food preservation: To ensure the nutritional value as well as the taste of food, meat dishes, dairy dishes, or starch, the refrigerator temperature should be maintained from 2 degrees C to 3 degrees C, should not be lower than 0 degrees C. As for vegetables, eggs, … preserved at temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees C is reasonable.
– Processing food: Depending on the dishes that choose the temperature to start processing food differently:

+ Stir-fry cooking vegetables: Temperature from 60 degrees C or more.
+ Eggs and kebabs: Temperature from 65 degrees C and above.
+ Beef and fish: Temperature from 70 degrees C and over.
+ Chicken: Temperature of 75 degrees C and above.
+ If you cook dishes with a variety of meats, you should choose to start cooking at a temperature of 75 degrees C or higher.


– Lighting: When designing kitchens for restaurants need to make the most of natural light sources. Besides, it is also necessary to install a suitable lighting system. With specific kitchen space, white light is the most appropriate light source. Kitchen staff often work under the pressure of cutlery, boiling water and need to monitor the color of the food carefully, so if there is not enough light, it is very dangerous and the processing of food is not satisfactory. quality bridge.

– Ventilation system: During cooking, the heat generated with the smell of food will make the kitchen space very uncomfortable. So restaurant kitchen need to be equipped with ventilation systems. When choosing the type of hood, deodorant must ensure appropriate kitchen space to not costly and bring the best efficiency.

– Gas transmission system: To ensure fire safety in the restaurant, the arrangement – installation of gas transmission system so that it is safe that restaurant owners need to pay special attention. The installation of gas guide system must follow the standards of industrial kitchen. In addition, restaurants need to assign staff to inspect the gas system periodically to ensure no unfortunate incidents occur.

With many years of design experience in importing, manufacturing and supplying industrial kitchen equipment. At the same time, Inox Minh Quan, an international kitchen design restaurant, is confident to increase the value and bring many benefits to your business.

Coming to Minh Quan Inox, you and your business will receive the following:

– Products and quality industrial kitchen equipment, safety
– Consulting service kitchen design enthusiastic, thoughtful
– The most competitive cost in the market
– Dedicated technical support for all products provided by Minh Quan Inox
– Try out the product before making a purchase

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