November 25, 2020

How effective is reading?

Everyone knows that reading is great, but not everyone knows how to read effectively. So how do we read books?

  1. Before reading the book content

Define the purpose of reading: The purpose will govern your entire reading process. Determining your goals, you will avoid time-consuming rampant readings that focus primarily on the important content you want to learn. The purpose of reading will determine the direction of exploitation of the problem in the same book. For example: When reading Chi Pheo’s work of Nam Cao, you find out about the author’s description and interpretation, and you learn about the love story of Chi Pheo – Thi No, you analyze the situation and life. of the people at that time … So, determining the goal of reading is an important first step that we should take.

Find out the address of the book: You should read the first page and the last page of the book to know: The title of the book, the author’s name, the name of the publisher … This will be very helpful when you want to recommend to a friend a book good books I just read, or bought or borrowed from the library bookshelf.

View the table of contents: Table of contents reflects the general outline, basic content of the book. Reading the table of contents you will get a rough idea of ​​the content as well as the order of the sections arranged logically according to the author’s intention. Now you ask the question: Why is the author arranged in this order? From there it inspires you to find answers in the book’s content.

Read the preface: You should read the preamble to know what the book is about, which applies to. By the preamble of the author, you can guess the author’s intentions, generalize the basic content, the purpose of the book that the author wants, know the most important issues that the book will address.

  1. Start reading the content of the book

To understand the content of the book, to acquire knowledge, you have to delve into the book. To study the book effectively, you must have the right reading method:

Positive thinking when reading: There are many readers who read a lot of books but read completely in a passive way, absorbing all according to the author’s direction leading to the consequence that the number of books you read is inversely proportional to the knowledge that You receive. Positive thinking when reading is always visualizing the ideas in books into images, things, specific events, conducting comparisons, associating with the knowledge and practical experience available to discover. the nature of the problem, clarify questions and increase your knowledge. From there you will transform the knowledge in books into yours forever. Reading thinking can also help you exercise your brain, increase your memory and intelligence.

Concentrate on reading: Focusing on reading is the best way for you to think carefully, think positively and remember the content of the book. In order to focus, apart from your efforts and inspiration, you should choose a quiet, cool and light reading space, read in a comfortable position but should not lie because it will damage the eyes and reduce the ability your memo.

Practicing reading techniques: Reading techniques are the manipulations you use in the reading process. Technology must be trained regularly to achieve the best effect. While reading, there are some points you need to pay attention to:

+ Read by eyes and brain, not by mouth.

+ Avoid reading back and forth too much.

+ Eye movement vertically when reading.

+ Reading with variable speed: Any important segment, read slowly, carefully read; If it doesn’t matter, read it quickly, skim it.

+ Try to understand the meaning of the whole paragraph, not paying attention to words, sentences.

+ Practice reading fast, grasping and quickly grasping the main, the basic of the problem.

You should also practice to gradually increase the speed of reading. However, fast reading does not mean gobbling, hurrying but reading fast is to grab really fast, enough and right content. You should make judgments before reading, if there is a purpose to read, which sections are important for you to read carefully, which parts are not important for you to skim through, to avoid time-consuming reading. To speed reading, take a book, pick a page to read quickly, and write down the content you have captured. Read it again to see if you have written the correct content. Practicing like that regularly will make sure you improve your reading speed, absorb knowledge faster.

Taking notes when reading: Taking notes is an important and indispensable step in the reading process. Taking notes will help increase your ability to concentrate, remember knowledge, synthesize the problem. In particular, taking notes is the fact that you summarize the core content of the whole book, and later when necessary, you only need to re-read those notes to understand the whole problem of the author mentioned in book.

So how to record?

+ First you list the book headings.

+ Write the main points.

+ Recording good sayings, valuable, specific and easily understood paragraphs.

+ Write comments, reviews of readers about the book.

+ Write down the knowledge I have drawn from the book, what I have questions to be able to find answers in the next books.

The methods introduced above are only general, you can base on the content of this article to find a suitable method. Whatever method of reading books, it is also aimed at acquiring knowledge, developing souls, perfecting oneself. Therefore, you should actively read books to feel the value of life.

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