January 21, 2021



Participants to the European Cloud Expo earlier this week took the opportunity to assess the future impact of the cloud and the future position of cloud services, from blockchain, to intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

The cloud has consolidated these technologies and allowed them to grow, while this report has reported, the M & A cycle has been lit up by it. But what are some practical applications for AI capable of activating the cloud?

Lifesize, a cloud-based software provider, is investigating and mapping out how AI can improve its meeting rooms as well as ideas for developing more positive impact.The important thing is the sight of the machine; Use analytics to evaluate each call participant, whether it is a meeting place at work, a virtual classroom or anywhere else to calculate attendance.But how much data?

Andy Nolan, vice president of Lifesize UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, said it was a valuable and influential proposition.

He told CloudTech: "The reality is to make sure everyone is worth it." It is no different than the way we organize meetings.If you are sitting in a meeting and someone is sitting there typing or writing, they either do not attend or contribute enough meeting, or they do not get enough out of it.

"That's where I want this technology to be. It's taking precious time in meetings and classrooms," he added. "Normally, we spend too much time in a meeting because all the time is not profitable."

Nolan says that in the virtual classroom example, it's simply 'a pair of eyes and ears' for the teacher, rather than anything too cunning. The ethical question in artificial intelligence is a viable and penetrating road – and Nolan admits he has his interest – but innovation really evokes.

Not only in the meeting room but also after the meeting,where ideas can be found and promote good productivity and work efficiency.

Many large cloud service providers, from Amazon to Microsoft, have announced their cloud translation and translation services, all of which are constantly evolving through machine learning.

Nolan tried the latest real-time tools – with Nordic as part of his plan, a language barrier exists between individuals and it brings about positive effects. "All I do is spending time talking to people who can speak more languages," he said."From a real, deceitful meaning we did, I talked and it copied in real time.

Nolan added: "Not perfect, but good to learn." If you are using vocabulary and dictionary, and do not practice, it is only there without too much effect.What happens to these tools has made it so that it can be used for learning. It's better and better. You will not get an exact match all the time "

Finally, this is another example of how the consumer world affects the technology of the business and makes the workplace a more enjoyable and useful experience for everyone. Get the voice recognition technology as a typical example, it's fast and save time and effort.

Lifesize users can say 'call X', or attend the meeting, and it will do that – but Nolan notes Alexa as a good example of how that change works.

He said: "If you think about technology in it, it's a free way to drive, what can be a pretty complex interface." The reason may be it will make it more from the adventure stage to some practical use only because of the usability side. "

In the next few years, whether AI-based technology will be in the same direction – but predicted to look pretty good so far with positive day-to-day development.