Oracle launches its Cloud Gen 2 and tackles Amazon Web Services


Oracle launches its Cloud Gen 2 and tackles Amazon Web Services

Oracle has just launched its second generation Cloud infrastructure as part of its annual OpenWorld conference. To extol the merits of his platform, founder and president Larry Ellison did not hesitate to openly criticize Amazon Web Services.

As part of its annual OpenWorld conference, which took place on October 22, 2018 in San Francisco, Oracle openly criticized Amazon Web Services . After Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft, it’s the world market leader’s turn to suffer the wrath of Larry Ellison, founder and executive president of Oracle.

According to him, the Amazon cloud is far from being sufficiently secure. For good reason, the AWS Cloud control code is executed by Amazon on the same machines as the data of the companies that use its services.

Therefore, Ellison believes that it would be technically possible for a cybercriminal to change the code of Amazon and thus access the data of all companies stored on the same machine. A catastrophic scenario, which however never took place.

Oracle ensures its cloud is superior to AWS in terms of security and price-performance ratio

However, this tackle towards Amazon (which has more than 50% market share in the Cloud) allows Oracle to extol the merits of its own Cloud . A communication strategy already used by Oracle in the past. Indeed, the firm took advantage of the conference to unveil the second generation of its cloud which will be launched in 2019.

However, Larry Ellison affirms that Oracle would never place the control code of his Cloud on the same computer as the data of his customers. In addition, Oracle’s Cloud platform is protected by “impenetrable barriers” responsible for preventing intrusions, and “autonomous robots” capable of automatically detecting and remedying threats.

More specifically, the barriers to which Ellison refers are formed by a network of independent computers whose role is to surround the perimeter of the Cloud. They allow to separate data from different users , and to prevent the spread of threats.

In parallel, Larry Ellison also compared the price-performance ratio of his Cloud with that of Amazon . According to him, calculations are performed 50% faster on Oracle than on AWS. Block storage would also be 5 times faster, and networking 2 times faster. In terms of price, computing power would be three times more expensive on Amazon, and block storage 30 times more expensive. Finally, data migration would be 100 times more expensive on AWS than on Oracle Cloud.

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