Top 10 best cloud service providers


Online storage in the Cloud has now become part of everyday life and is gradually taking the place of hard disks and other physical media. Consequently, the number of suppliers is also multiplying and it becomes difficult to choose the best among them. To help you sort it out, here […]

Availability: the essential tool for cloud service providers


If data availability has become essential for many sectors, cloud service providers are no exception to this observation. What is more in the current context of cyber insecurity. This year again, tradition has been respected: all media with an affinity for technology have published their lists of best of and […]

Amazon Web Services hit by DDoS attack for 8 hours


Amazon Web Services was the victim of a DDoS attack earlier this week. Its services remained inaccessible for almost eight hours … Amazon Web Services users suffered a major outage earlier this week following a DDoS attack . Several Cloud services, including the S3 storage service, remained deactivated for almost […]

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