October 31, 2020

Sobloo creates a marketplace of Earth Observation data

Sobloo creates a marketplace of Earth Observation data

Sobloo is a consortium formed by Airbus, OBS and Capgemini, commissioned by the European Commission to facilitate access to Earth observation data from the Copernicus program for scientists, companies and individuals. In exchange, the consortium can create its own business tools and services based on this data and their operation.

Created in June 2018, Sobloo is a consortium formed by Airbus, OBS and Capgemini . His goal ? Create a marketplace for Earth Observation data. This initiative is part of the Copernicus program launched by the European Commission some 20 years ago.

The Copernicus program includes open Earth observation data , collected by around 30 sentinel satellites. In total, 40 petabytes of data have been collected since the beginning of the program and a dozen petabytes are now added each year.

These data are widely used by GAFA, but the European Union also wishes to leverage them with other actors . That’s why Sobloo and three other consortiums were created.

Access to raw data is offered to Sobloo by the European Commission, and the consortium is free to create its own commercial tools and services from these data. In exchange, its mission is to facilitate access to data for the scientific community, the general public, entrepreneurs or startups wishing to use them to create their own services.


Sobloo: a consortium formed by Airbus, Capgemini and Orange

The consortium is managed by Airbus, while Capgemini brings its data processing software. For its part, Orange delivers its Cloud Flexible Engine solution . The customer can enjoy Sobloo development spaces available, with tools and data in different forms such as databases, raw or processed cards cards using different techniques.

Simple access to Copernicus data is free and free, but usage is charged. In addition, customers can also opt for a paid service to help develop an application . In addition, Sobloo is responsible for enriching this vast collection of data with information from other sources: satellites sent into orbit by Airbus, connected objects, NGOs, Orange’s Flux Vision program …

Earth observation data are particularly useful for the agriculture sector . For example, the European Space Agency used this data to create an application to monitor rice cultivation in the Mekong Delta. Similarly, Crédit Agricole offers grassland insurance based on forage production, which will now be evaluated using a data processing application.


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These data can also be used to monitor deforestation, reforestation, or to measure the level of irrigation and nitrogen in a field. With multiple applications in agriculture and beyond, Sobloo seems to be on the right track. Alain Berry, director of Sobloo commercial development at OBS quoted by the Digital Factory , estimates that the consortium will reach a figure of 100 million euros over several years.