September 26, 2020

The big data world is opening up opportunities for small companies

The big data world is opening up opportunities for small companies

When you think of business intelligence, do you think giant multinationals track millions of data and revenue from your business? Or do you think of that little mom and the pop slam down the street, watching the best sellers someday?

In the past, the business intelligence industry was built to serve large corporations with a great influence and a certain standing position. Moreover, these large companies can afford a complete software package and a team of digital crunching analysts. But over the past decade, the industry has grown, technology has improved and software has become lighter and more flexible.The result is smarter, more accessible business solutions for small and medium enterprises.

Here are some suggestions for small and medium businesses looking to become more data driven:


1. Find a solution for anyone who can be a data analyst.


More and more smart business tools are being created that provide high-resolution, high-resolution analysis for residents. The democratization of this data allows people to view, explore, and question information. For small businesses, it makes analyzing data easy and sufficient to fit their work without making the process too complicated.

Historically, and to this day, these tools have required some programming knowledge to use, serving as a barrier and causing difficulty for their adoption by small businesses. . It is not practical to require all entrepreneurs or small business owners to learn how to write code to cater to their work. After all, the worry posed is about attending tocustomers, managing staff and repairing cash registers.

Advances in the power of business intelligence software have made a huge difference between past and present businesses. The best business intelligence solution for small businesses is usually those that do not require any advanced coding knowledge to build a dashboard and explore data.Find the best-in-class business analytics solution and built-in best practices so you can take time to check important data.


2. Fast analysis is very important.


With the old business intelligence model, companies often rely on IT for data collection and reporting but now are different.Along with slower, less expensive software, this means that data analysis may take several weeks. This is not the case but the phenomenon.

Join the Audience Audit marketing strategy company, conduct in-depth market research and provide reports to clients. Like many small businesses, its owner, Susan Baier, performs a variety of roles, from researchers and analysts to presenters, and defines their own development paths. Baier turned to my company, Tableau Software, for data visualization software and it completely changed the way she ran her business with her thoughts and ideas.Because Baier is now able to analyze the data she gathers quickly and easily, Audience Audit has reduced the cost by two thirds, reducing the project time by 50% and freeing up her time to work on other tasks.


3. Get the picture.


The human brain has nerves to process information visually, making it one of the best ways to discover, explore, and filter data, especially when presenting data for customers, investors or other stakeholders in the smartest way.

Find simplified visualization solutions and have the best integrated design methods so you can focus on the data instead of charting or picking colors for a machine trend line and complexity no need.


4. Rather than exclusive.


Small business owners should find a flexible solution that allows them to work in the cloud and with data on the ground or a combination of both. Working in the cloud brings a lot of benefits and advantages for small businesses: There are few infrastructures to deploy, the most accessible and most secure, which are quite consistent with their existing level. However, at other times, a local solution may be more meaningful.

Find an unrestricted solution that you rely entirely on cloud computing and also allows for storing of data at the facility quickly and securely.Many businesses pursue the combination of a cloud and set up in place to support a variety of different needs. Small businesses need to make decisions in the direction of solving data all the time and the solution must be flexible enough to allow that.

Now, big data is all the fun, but do not be fooled into thinking it’s just for big business. Normally, data-driven information can have a major impact on smaller companies.