The Future of Cloud Hosting: MENDIX AND IBM CLOUD


Technical complexity and other barriers do not prevent organizations from using advanced cloud services. Therefore, IBM and Mendix, a leader in low-platform code, are collaborating to ensure they are still developing is very difficult.

According to IDC, cloud computing is plays an important part of increasing from $ 96.5 billion in 2016 to more than $ 195 billion by 2020, doubling within four years from now.

By 2017, 60 percent of growth in information technology spending is estimated only from cloud computing. As cloud utilization increases, the demand for application migration to the cloud is increased, as well as the dynamism to connect the workload of the data to the advanced tools provided to the cloud whether.

However, many businesses face the challenge of trying to capture and take advantage of these new opportunities.

• Lack of acumen, as today’s unique and competitive applications require fast testing and close collaboration between developers, data scientists, business analysts, and Information Technology teams.

• Technological complexity, which often causes rivals to struggle to master the increasingly complex of application development.

• Lack of skills. Many companies try to find the solution when they are hiring, or can not increase the resources needed to catch up with demand.

Low code, solve the troubles by narrowing the distance between technology and business needs.

The co- operate between IBM and Mendix will easy to combine of Mendix’s low-code environment with advanced services available on IBM Cloud.This makes for speed up significantly the development of developers from all origion, from highly skilled developers to professionals extending their roles, able to build and deploy clouds.


With Mendix on the cloud side of IBM, users are not technicians so they can not easily unpack, install software and connect them to data sets to build complex applications dedicated to myself. Mendix’s low-code development platform allows software to be created through point-and-click interfaces instead of computer programming, reducing the amount of code needed to put applications into production.Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix, explains why this relationship is so important: “Future applications can not be built with the tools of the past but must acquire new technologies. Find new ways to innovate, and today’s market leaders are putting low code development at the core of their digital strategy. To accelerate the shortest time to gain competitive advantage well, take advantage of cloud services – IBM Cloud and IBM Watson”.

The partnership between IBM and Mendix demonstrates a strong combination of IBM Cloud, a combination of public and private clouds. Through a single architecture, the traditional data centers are tightly integrated.The combination of data in these systems provides the basis for the AI ​​workload, and runs Mendix’s low code platform on top to provide a simple user environment for business and technology teams.

Customers using Mendix on IBM Cloud will benefit from:

• Time is significantly improved, providing applications ten times faster

  • IBM Watson IoT and AI Integration Services for low density application building,

Cloud-based architecture supports high availability and scalability.

• Flexible cloud deployment on IBM Cloud private options, including the option to deploy models such as Cloud Foundry or Docker and Kubernetes to deliver certain advantages.

• Enhance cooperation and flexibility between businesses and technology.

To get started, visit the Mendix Platform directly on top of the IBM Cloud. There, you’ll be able to use fast application development tools, cloud services and cloud runtime in just one registration.


The Future of Cloud Hosting:

Cloud storage has become very popular and goes a long way in the past few years with many successes being recognized. Many businesses have used it for many years. Small business owners are also exploring and moving their businesses to the cloud to capture trends and keep up with larger businesses.But for many customers to adopt cloud technology need to pay more attention in terms of cost because the cost factor remains a concern for small businesses that are still relatively financially distressed.So, one can see low-cost cloud deployments to come in the future and more businesses move toward the cloud.

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